Healy's Building Services has been specialising in the production and supply of period weatherboards and shingles since 1990.

These period weatherboards and shingles have helped hundreds and thousands of home renovators bring back the original glory of their old homes, as well as assisted new home builders and extenders add a heritage feel to newer structures.

Shingles are generally used on Californian bungalows in gable ends and on bay windows. 

Block weatherboards are used on double fronted and single fronted cottages or large federation style homes. Block weatherboards give the appearance of sandstone blocks and are very common in the inner to middle suburbs of Melbourne.

Healy's Building also offers a range of ‘V Notch’, ‘Notch’ and ‘scallop’ weatherboards used in gables or decorative bands and general wall cladding to add a Victorian appeal to a home. These boards can transform an ordinary weatherboard home into a truly beautiful home.