720 Paintable MS silicone sealant, available from HB Fuller Company , is a premium quality, MS silicone sealant specially designed to be painted over. Whereas other paintable sealants need to be painted within 48 hours of application, the 720 Paintable MS silicone sealant is permanently paintable, meaning there are no time restrictions and individuals can paint when it suits them.

The 720 Paintable MS silicone sealant has a +/-25% joint movement capability, and can be used for interior/exterior purposes.

Following are features and uses of the 720 Paintable MS silicone sealant:

  • Paintable anytime with water based paint
  • Bonds to most surfaces without priming
  • Low VOC content, chemical and UV resistant
  • Isocyanate and solvent free
  • Highly flexible
  • Interior/exterior
  • Sealing inside and outside the home
  • Sealing and weatherproofing buildings
  • Sealing window surrounds
  • Sealing timber siding
  • Sealing architraves and skirting boards