From a modest hot desk in a shared space, to a beautifully crafted and unique showroom in late 2013, and now, a new-concept, exquisitely finished showroom in an even larger space, Havwoods has indeed come a long way in Melbourne.

Designed with their clients in mind, Havwoods’ newest showroom in Melbourne caters to every demand of their buyers. Working closely with architects, designers, builders and homeowners to understand the specifying process, Havwoods has refined their global showroom design to deliver a space that makes the specifying and product selection process simple, enjoyable and comfortable.

Having received wonderful feedback from clients for their new-concept Sydney Showroom, which opened in July 2016, Havwoods transformed their Melbourne Showroom to align with the global Havwoods showroom design.

The new Melbourne Showroom delivers a modern space that not only effectively displays the quality and variety of the Havwoods range, but also offers a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for customers to make their selections in comfort.

The showroom’s interiors feature a rich composition of materials, including brass and black steel to complement and offset the timber collections. Havwoods’ signature display tables take timber off the vertical and onto a horizontal orientation in which it is viewed most in reality. This allows customers to engage with the product at table height, delivering a closer, more tangible experience. Incorporated into one of the display tables is a sample bar with takeaway hand samples, allowing people to browse and access the entire product showcase unassisted.

The integrated work surfaces between the table-top sample displays provide ample space to lay Havwoods’ larger sample panels out against contrasting materials, allowing designers to easily refine their product selection with their material palette and colour scheme. These larger panels can be viewed in situ or removed to view against others, enabled by excellent lighting throughout the showroom that allows the selected timber sample to be viewed as close as possible to environmental conditions.

The Melbourne Showroom also features comfortable lounge and workshop spaces for visitors to sit, consider and review products at leisure. Designed to accommodate the varied needs of different clients from designers, architects, builders and installers to homeowners, each space is fitted with generously sized tables, comfortable chairs, power points and free Wi-Fi.

By integrating the product display with workspaces in a comfortable and informal environment, the showroom allows visitors to take their time with selections, go over project plans with clients, compare materials palettes with timber choices, and browse magazines for inspiration, all the while enjoying a free coffee on Havwoods.

The Havwoods Melbourne Showroom is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am – 5pm and located at 215 Roden St, West Melbourne, VIC 3003.