As the built environment industry heads towards a more sustainable future, individuals and organisations are starting to recognise the need – and trend – of pursuing sustainable alternatives for the betterment of the environment. Realising that the trend is peaking towards sustainability, engineered timber as a flooring solution seamlessly imitates real wood, but with an added benefit of being environmentally friendly. 

In Engineered for success: A specifier's guide to engineered timber flooring, Havwoods takes a closer look at a sustainable, high quality and durable alternative to using conventional materials. They also explore key considerations to have when specifying engineered timber flooring systems. 

The whitepaper commences with explanations that clarify the difference between non-conforming and non-compliant products – both which are unsuitable for use in the Australian markets. It then delves into fundamental considerations required during the process of specifying these products, drawing attention to the critical aspect that floors need to be able to withstand wear and tear of everyday life. Summarising each of these aspects to look out for in a succinct and clear manner only accentuates how engineered timber flooring appeals to a green conscience and design sensibility. The whitepaper concludes by presenting appropriate certifications to keep an eye out for when choosing the right flooring type. 

Havwoods comprises of timber flooring specialists with over 40 years of experience, hence why the standard of products – both in materiality and craftsmanship – is unmatched. With a consistent focus on sustainability, they are often the preferred choice for architects and designers industry wide. Havwoods engineered timber flooring range provides a superior material, composition and finish, resulting in it being an easily specifiable option. Without compromising on sustainability or style, these products also meet the industry standard with additional green certifications. 

To fully understand all the steps behind identifying the right timber flooring system while still being sustainable and minimising impact on the environment, download Engineered for success: A specifier's guide to engineered timber flooring.