Security specialists, Harris Crime Prevention Services , offer an expert and independent security risk management and emergency management assessment.

The security and emergency management assessments are designed to give companies a clear understanding of their risks and any shortfalls in current systems.

The security specialists’ assessments can also help those companies that have already identified all of the relevant security risks to create seamless integration between their security risk management, emergency management and disaster recovery systems, both operationally and strategically.

The events of September 11, 2001 and subsequent terrorist attacks such as the bombings in London and Madrid have highlighted the need to combine security risk management and emergency risk management, which had previously been separate as a standard.

Traditional concepts of security management have been seriously challenged and higher expectations in corporate governance by government regulators, the courts, insurers and the community has led to life-safety systems, assets protection resources and business continuity planning becoming an increasingly important agenda item for boards and senior management.

The ideal situation of completely eliminating the risk of high consequence events with a low likelihood such as terrorism and deliberate food contamination is generally impossible, meaning that it is essential to have systems in place to tackle security risks, respond to emergency events and allow rapid return to business as ‘normal’.

It is now a major company priority to have effective risk management, emergency management and disaster recovery systems in place. Security specialists can bring their expertise to rigorously assessing company security management systems and implementing any necessary changes.