Royal Oak engineered floor boards from Harper & Sandilands were utilised in the Little Red Riding Hood project in Melbourne, a residential dwelling that was redesigned by Nexus Designs.

The occupants wanted a house that would meet the demands of its growing children, while injecting some life and soul into their home. They also wanted the spaces to be better connected and configured while doing away with clutter and fuss.

Central to the design strategy was to employ a warm neutral palette accentuated by pops of colour. The Mink Grey pre-stained, pre-finished floor boards were key to this approach, with the warm timber boards used in the living room, and the walls of the bathrooms and bedrooms.

Creative designer Sonia Simpfendorfer says repeating the same element helped to create continuity between spaces, as well as generate a much cleaner and calmer finish.

The Harper & Sandilands Royal Oak floor boards are part of its Architect Collection. Featuring an American Oak timber top layer bonded on to an engineered base, they come in five sizes:

  • 189mm W x 1830mm L x 20mm D
  • 260mm W x 2200mm L x 20mm D
  • 189mm W x 1830mm L x 15mm D
  • 260mm W x 2200mm L x 15mm D
  • 158mm W x 1830mm L x 10mm D

The product is also tongue and grooved on the ends and sides, and sold with a flat Aluminium Oxide, UV resistant, low VOC coating. It is available with 100 per cent Pure FSC certification upon request.