In July, Film Pacific has held a Window Film Expo in each mainland capital city. The attendances were good and Film Pacific would like to thank the 262 people, who made the commitment to attend these expos.

Film Pacific has shown the Australian tinting fraternity the way forward with the presentations held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Film Pacific had interest and attendance in the tinting expos and expresses thanks to everyone for supporting them.

Highlights of Film Pacific Window Film Expo:
There was universal agreement that Film Pacific’s new ranges of automotive films are good products. Record numbers turned out to see the new Aegis films being applied and tested by some of Australia’s well-known tinters.

And the results speak for themselves with a large number of installers commenting that Aegis films are innovative.

Aegis window films are constructed using fin raw materials available. Aegis is a manufacturer, which constructs all its window films using weatherable polyester combined with an ultra high temperature adhesive.

Aegis uses high quality scratch resistant coating. In addition to this, the Aegis range of automotive window tinting shrinks ideally.

These are big claims; however, everybody who attended Film Pacific’s expos was able to see for themselves, just how well these films perform.

There has been considerable interest in the marketplace since we released the Aegis products, so much so in fact that a significant number of tint shops have made the switch from cheaper window tint products to the premium quality Aegis range.

Film Pacific expresses its gratitude to Barry Edwards and Ricky Parker from Aegis for coming all the way from the US and showing how to make good window films.