Film Pacific  have released an innovative architectural window film for homes and offices, called NightOwl, which offers non-reflective visibility and glare reduction both at night and during the day.

Richard Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Film Pacific explained, “NightOwl is a new product that uses proprietary ‘nanotechnology’ to achieve a combination of ultra-low reflectivity together with the traditional benefits of window film – high heat rejection, glare reduction, UV control and great looks."

"It is so subtle that, from the inside during the day, you would hardly know it’s there but from the outside, it is a beautiful dark grey and it looks like expensive smoked glass.”

The NightOwl architectural window film was designed with home theatres in mind. It will often be unnecessary to draw curtains to watch TV, but it is also ideal for application in commercial buildings, which have an energy star rating or for use in new buildings to aid compliance with Building Code regulations for energy efficiency, due to its insulation benefits, which help to reduce cooling costs.

Richard Hall explained, “NightOwl builds on the innovation of its predecessor, Optima, released in 2000. Optima revolutionised window tinting for homes and commercial buildings by almost eliminating the mirror-like reflectivity that occurs with ordinary window film and which can totally obliterate a view at night.”

“With NightOwl,” Richard Hall said, “the technology has been improved and this product is even better. There is almost no reflection at all, so visibility is excellent at night. Glare is also greatly reduced during the day – the view is enhanced and it greatly reduces heat and fading too.”

“Depending on which product in the NightOwl range is chosen, customers may notice a small change in the brightness of external lights at night, but internal reflections are reduced compared to clear glass, so you can see outside more easily.”

Richard Hall explained how it works. “In the past it has been virtually impossible to achieve both high heat rejection and night time visibility because the heat rejection was achieved using reflective metal layers. In order to achieve a combination of very low reflectivity, high heat rejection and a contemporary look, we needed to approach things differently, so we worked with our supplier to develop a product we needed for the Australian market.”

“NightOwl is different to anything that is currently available as it is constructed using new ‘nanotechnology’. Most ‘nanotechnology’ films use ceramics and are either blue or green, whereas NightOwl is black in colour and is guaranteed to stay that way – it cannot fade or change colour.”

According to Richard Hall, NightOwl is an ideal film from an installation perspective. “It is fast drying and has an ultra-clear adhesive. It handles well and looks great as soon as the installation is complete, so the purchaser can enjoy their view without disruption.”

“This new generation of flat glass film combines solar performance and good looks and, because NightOwl is non-reflective, it won’t interfere with television reception, radio, wireless internet or cordless phones.”

NightOwl is available in 5% and 12% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and is specifically designed for situations when night time visibility is of paramount importance or where maximum glare control is essential, such as in applications like home theatres.

Film Pacific film is rated under the Window Energy Rated Scheme (WERS), which enables windows where the film has being installed to be rated and labelled for their annual energy impact on a whole house, in any climate in Australia.

NightOwl is available from SunGard SuperStores and independent retail window film outlets throughout Australia.