Perspex and acryform acrylic sheets from Hamilton Australia are both lightweight materials that are renowned for their ease of handling in comparison to other glass products. Perspex are high class decorative sheets and acryform are slumped sheets. Both have been designed to use in interior, exterior, commercial and domestic applications.

Interior and domestic uses for acrylic sheets include balustrades, decorative screens, kitchen splashbacks, bathroom panels, vanity tops, shower screens and ceiling lighting effects and diffusers. Exterior uses include decorative screens, door panels and side lights for entrance ways. Commercial uses include partitioning for offices where privacy and light transmission are required, elevator and escalator panels and bulkheads for signs.

Perspex and acryform sheets can be cut into any shape, they can also be drilled, cold radius and fuse joined. They also come in a stunning choice of colours. For example the vario from the tropics range includes six shades with fluorescent edging, the perspex frost range is comprised of 18 soft pastel colours and the perspex pearlescent range has nine soft, shimmering lustres.

Clear perspex acrylic sheets come with a 30 year warranty and the coloured ranges come with a 10 year warranty.