As residents of one of the sunniest countries in the world, Australians love to spend time outdoors and natural light is an important part of design in built environments. While a lot of discussions are focussed around sunburn, skin cancer and other dangers of excessive sun exposure, considerable research has proven the beneficial effects of sunlight on the mind, body and soul.

Here are 5 ways sunlight can enhance your wellbeing:

Uplifts your mood

Your sunny disposition literally comes from the sun. If you find yourself in a better mood on some days, it’s likely you have spent some time in the sun. Sunlight is a natural mood enhancer, with both sunlight and darkness triggering the release of hormones in the brain.

When you expose your body to sunlight, it triggers the release of serotonin (the happy chemical) in the brain. This is said to help decrease the risk of depression in those who experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which generally occurs in winter when light is limited.

Enjoy restful sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night, just soak up sunlight during the day – with the necessary safeguards. Not only will you feel more cheerful, you will also get a more restful night’s sleep.

Daily sun exposure improves your sleep quality, which in turn boosts your health and wellbeing. After you’ve been exposed to bright light throughout the day, higher levels of melatonin (the sleep hormone) are produced at night, making it easier to fall asleep.

UV rays lower your BP

Blood pressure is a common problem affecting many today, especially in urban environments. One of the more surprising benefits of safe sun exposure is the ability of UV rays to lower blood pressure. Research shows that when the body is exposed to sunlight, the sunlight alters levels of the small messenger molecule, nitric oxide (NO) in the skin and blood, reducing blood pressure. Additionally, sunshine will help to reduce risk of stroke and heart disease.

Build up your immune system

Be it a common cold or the pandemic, your body’s immune system needs to be strong enough to fight off lurking germs. Boost your immune system by stepping into the sunshine – it’s simple and free. Several research studies have supported the idea that adequate amounts of daily sun exposure can aid our immune systems, decreasing the risk of developing infections and certain diseases.

Stronger bones too

Various food sources give us our daily dose of vitamins. You can supplement your daily vitamin D requirement through regular sun exposure and build up the strength and health of your bone system. Five to fifteen minutes of exposure a few times a week and you are good to go.

How to increase natural light in your home

In addition to spending time outdoors, you can enjoy all the goodness of sun at home by bringing the sunshine inside using light filtering window treatments.

For rooms that require privacy and plenty of natural light, double roller blinds are ideal. These stylish blinds combine the sophisticated light diffusing properties of translucent fabric with the practicality of roller blinds. Sheer curtains are also a great choice, as the lightweight fabric allows plenty of natural light to flood the room, while protecting your privacy at the same time.

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