Several products from Hager Electro Pty Ltd were supplied and installed at the Skyline Apartments Rhodes Peninsular, meeting various challenges and addressing all concerns. Representing the final phase of Billbergia’s hugely successful Village Quay development in the Sydney waterside suburb of Rhodes, the Skyline Apartments project had several challenges including space limitations.

Concerns were raised early in the design process about the lack of available space for the metering enclosures and the limited space availability within the riser cupboards. The client also sought a full discrimination study to be provided for the entire project, to ensure co-ordination between the main incomer and the final sub circuits as part of the project designer’s stringent brief.

The space issue was resolved using Quadro M frames, providing one system for the whole installation. The frames allowed for a smaller footprint, fitting the limited space in the riser cupboards.

Additionally, a complete cascading and discrimination study using PowerCAD proved that the devices would co-ordinate correctly, convincing the project leaders about Hager’s capabilities.

The installers were impressed by the fact that all the products, from the main switchboard to the metering panels, through to the panelboards and the final load centres were all sourced from a single manufacturer.

Products used in the project included Unimes, Quadro and Tee Off boxes (Commercial); Performa Apex and Performa Apex Plus (Panelboards) and Golf VF and Golf VF PZD (Load Centres).

By successfully completing the project, Hager delivered on the promise of providing a total solution. The client hasn’t had a single callback on any of the products.

Goldline Industries were very happy with the products and service, and continues to enjoy a great relationship with Hager.