The SAFE-O-TRONIC transponder locking system from Hafele Australia provides an ideal organisational solution if the locker key should also serve as a cashless payment method for the convenient use of all chargeable services, or as a means of admission control or time recording.

The transponder technology employed by the SAFE-O-TRONIC transponder locking system makes it possible to use changing room lockers and safe deposit boxes without touching them. The user is provided with a megaKey (e.g. in the form of a coin or a wristwatch) rather than a key. In addition to the free programmability of locker entitlements (free and fixed locker allocation), SAFE-O-TRONIC transponder locking systems can be integrated into networked and existing organisational systems. Chargeable products and services such as catering facilities, saunas or solariums, for example in leisure or fitness centres, can be used cashless with the megaKey.