Hafele Australia  offer practical solutions for turning the area at the back of kitchen corner cupboards into valuable storage space that is easily accessible. Following are the kitchen corner solutions available from Hafele Australia.

LeMans pull-out and swing corner system:
The LeMans pull-out and swing corner system features controlled fluid movement. It offers a corner cabinet solution that allows high space utilisation within the cupboard as well as easy accessibility. The standard LeMans unit is supplied with two pull-out shelves. Three and four shelves can be fitted where more space is available.

Revo 90º revolving corner cabinet:
The Revo 90º revolving corner cabinet enables controlled motion and closing from the soft retraction of the doors and curved rotation to the automatic closing movement. With adjustable shelves, optimal utilisation of space is possible. In order to create more storage space, a third shelf can be retrofitted.

Magic pull-out and swivel corner system:
The Magic pull-out and swivel corner unit features sliding technology, which in one movement simultaneously drives the front and the pull-out rack into view and within reach. With a small push, the cabinet closes, and the SoftStopp ensures that it happens smoothly.

MAGNIA Powerslide corner pull-out system:
The new Magnia Powerslide corner pull-out system allows use of the underbench space within the kitchen corners. The Magnia Shelf can be pulled forward to the front of the cupboard and then straight out to allow access to the back of each of the two shelves. The shelves do not use any space to the left or right of the cupboard door when fully extended, making it suitable when installed next to a kitchen appliance.

Mondo 2M complete corner unit:
With a gentle push, the doors fold inwards and rotate inside the cupboard. The trays rotate within the cupboard. The Mondo 2M complete corner unit contains five trays, which span the full height of the corner, 1950mm (2100mm with adjustable feet) and width 900mm x 900mm.

Mondo II complete corner unit:
The new revolving Mondo II complete corner cabinet’s shelves allow the kitchen user a variety of choices. The units have anti-slip bases, which stops pots and pans from moving when the shelves are rotated. With a gentle push, the doors fold inwards, out of the way and rotate inside the cupboard. The Mondo II complete corner unit is supplied as a complete cabinet, 900m x 900mm, with grey or white anti-slip shelves.