Infinity Tops for life are new benchtops available from Hafele Australia . The 100% acrylic benchtops are simple in terms of installation and maintenance.

Infintiy benchtops provide a cost effective ‘solid surface’ option and can be easily repaired and polished back to the same condition as when they were installed. The ease of fabrication allows Infintiy benchtops to be installed immediately after the cabinets have been completed. This way, users can enjoy the look and feel of their benchtops even quicker.

Infinity benchtops are available in six designer colours, with thickness of 39mm and 63mm and widths of 605mm, 640mm, 750mm and 900mm.

Following are the features of Infinity benchtops:

  • 100% acrylic, solid surface bench
  • Easy to care for and can be repaired or renewed to original condition
  • Scratches can be easily buffed away by following simple instructions
  • Seamless feel and look and have least visible joins when compared to other materials; no areas for mould, bacteria or grime to hide
  • Less likely to break glasses that are knocked over on Infinity
  • Non porous and therefore have a high resistance to stains, moulds and bacteria