Hafele Australia ’s new range of lighting solutions is showcased in the Hafele lighting technology catalogue.

The lighting solutions were developed to supplement the range in the complete Hafele furniture fittings catalogue.

The lighting technology catalogue highlights new solutions for residential, commercial, outdoor, caravan, RV and marine applications.

To suit these applications, Hafele Australia provide low and high voltage lighting trends allowing the user to choose from a broad and highly designer driven range of surface or recess mounted lights covering furniture and shop fitting.

With specific concentration on energy and cost saving alternatives to incandescent and quartz halogen lights, Hafele Australia have sourced a variety of LED lighting solutions. The LED lights are supplied in aluminium and silver coloured anodised.

These LED lights emit minimum heat, saving energy while the diode has an approximate lifespan of 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to 5 hours per day for 20 years.

Hafele Australia provide a diverse range of lighting solutions and installation flexibility for the customers.