Global environmental changes have led to concerns on preservation, conservation and sustaining of the environment. Further, conditions of drought and have necessitated water restrictions in all regions of the world. This has made everyone, world over, aware of the need to both conserve and recycle water. H2O Designs , at this juncture, has created a new concept water feature, the H2Owise. H2Owise from H2O Designs is stated to be ‘a patented, innovative approach to water feature design, construction and functionality, which addresses these environmental issues’. In other words, H2O Designs has designed H2Owise as an environmentally sustainable water feature.

H2Owise from H2O Designs, for its operation, requires nominal volume of water, and comes with the facility to utilise recycled water available from the environment. A unique water storage unit enables the feature to function for a longer period of time, without requiring topping up from another water source. The H2Owise from H2O Designs is environmentally friendly, helps in water conservation, conforms to water restriction regulations, provides for using of rain water, decreased water evaporation and requires minimum maintenance.