Ceiling tiles fabricated using Gyprock casting plaster helped resolve a longstanding problem at various educational facilities in Northern Territory.

Award-winning Gyprock fabricator Roger Bailey of Bailey Interiors was engaged by the Northern Territory Government to find a solution for failing ceiling systems in their educational facilities.

Bailey, who relies on Gyprock casting plaster to manufacture a large range of ceiling tiles, created custom tiles to solve the long-running problem faced by Palmerston Special Education Facility.

Shadex acoustic ceiling tiles (600mm x 600mm) were selected for the Darwin High School application because they offered the highest available acoustic rating; the tiles combined high acoustic performance to reduce noise transfer and sound reverberation, with an attractive ceiling solution.

While observing that Gyprock casting plaster was perfect for crafting unique and complex panel designs to any architectural specification, Bailey also said, “Acoustics are fundamentally important to learning environments, as poor acoustics can have a detrimental effect on students’ academic performance and teachers’ vocal health. Plaster ceiling tiles effectively reduce ambient noise and are some of the most efficient sound products on the market today.”