Gunnersen Inspirations has added LG’s Hi-Macs acrylic solid surface Volcanics collection to its comprehensive product range. Offering the appearance of a stone surface with the added advantage of design flexibility, Volcanics is named after active volcanoes around the world.

Available in eight popular colours, the Volcanics range features large translucent acrylic chips which will enhance the clarity and elegance of the surface. Its joins are seamless so surfaces can be customised to design functional and innovative benchtops which are also aesthetically pleasing.

The Hi-Macs Volcanics range is non-porous and impervious to liquid, making it stain resistant and extremely hygienic as bacteria cannot penetrate the surface. This makes it suitable for use in most commercial kitchens and residential applications from kitchen benchtops to retail counters.

The advanced polymer resin used in the Hi-Macs Volcanics manufacturing process means that if any scratches or chips are inflicted, the surface can be easily repaired and brought back to its original condition.

Source: Building Products News.