Guardian Tactile Systems ' products are unique, design registered, non fade and non delaminating tactile ground surface indicators. The company complies with the Australian Standard of AS/NZS 1428.4:2002. Guardian Tactile Systems is a pioneer in peel and bond ground surface indicators.

Guardian Tactile Systems' products can be easily installed without any special skill and with low cost. They can be fitted even into small areas where other material like concrete, timber, tiles, ceramic and bitumen cannot be fitted. The application of these products is very simple; it is just peel, bond and walk. They are 60% cost effective in comparison with other surface indicator products in the market.

The products from Guardian Tactile Systems are available in four standard colours. Apart from the standard colours, customers can also suggest their own colour range. Usually Guardian Tactile Systems products are produced in the form of squares. The tiles can be cut into required shapes to suit the unusual ground layouts. The different surfaces indicate their utility like flat-non slip, dimples-warning and strips-directional.

Guardian Tactile Systems' products can be used in bus stops, car park crossing, railway platforms, passenger wharves, alfresco dining areas, escalators, ramps, changes of direction and many more areas, are portable and come with a ten year guarantee.