A waterproofing system from Gripset Industries was used to resolve complex project issues at the Bay Junction Shopping Centre in Glenelg SA.

A key objective of the architecturally designed shopping centre in Glenelg was to maximise tenancy space and ensure ease of access to customers. Therefore, the car parking was constructed directly over the retail tenancies. With more than 6000 square metres of parking space exposed to the elements and designed directly over the shops, the waterproofing system not only had to protect tenancies from potential leaking disruptions but also needed to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as large amounts of vehicular traffic.

The Gripset waterproofing system specified for the application provides the durability to withstand concrete pours, flexibility to accommodate expected surface movement, and ability to endure the open climatic conditions to ensure the building remains waterproof.

The Gripset membrane system, along with the Elastoproof expansion joint detailing, ensures the shopping centre can provide a first class shopping experience for customers.

Image: Car parking at the Bay Junction Shopping Centre Complex