Grip Guard Non Slip  has launched its highly effective DIY floor maintenance product that really adds slip resistance to all floor surfaces.

After breaking down and suspending soils, including food, protein based soils, oils and dirt that contribute to slippery floor conditions; special additives in Traction Guard PLUS increase slip resistance beyond the level inherent in the floor surface.

Field tests indicate an increase in slip resistance of .1 SCOF (standard co-efficient of friction), when Traction Guard PLUS is applied on a regular basis.

Traction Guard PLUS, because of its ideal cleaning components, is a 2 in 1 product that can used in place of cleaning products to increase the non-slip properties of floor surfaces.

85% of all slip/fall accidents are preventable and OH&S regulations require business owners to provide a safe working environment. In fact, all property owners have the responsibility to ensure floor surfaces are non slip.

The second larger workplace accident is slip and fall accidents. There is no escaping the issue of responsibility of employers.

Traction Guard PLUS is an essential floor safety product for all businesses including restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, light industrial manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens and shower areas.

Traction Guard PLUS is suitable for all floor surfaces including epoxy, rubber, cork, linoleum, concrete, sealed woods, porcelain and stone.

Traction Guard PLUS is only available from Grip Guard Floor Safety operators located throughout Australia in NSW, VIC, WA, TAS, SA, and QLD.