Grip Guard Non Slip has designed architecturally discreet stainless steel tactile indicators to meet the needs of visually impaired persons who cannot identity hazards, and to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces such as marble, granite and polished timber.

The stainless steel tactile ground surface indicators are manufactured from a solid piece of 3/6 stainless steel ensuring it is strong and secure. The tactile heads will never detach as they are anchored on using spigots.

Stainless steel tactile indicators are an ideal floor gripping solution for any flooring in residential, retail, commercial or industrial environments.

The tactile indicators comply with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1992 which states that visually impaired persons and protected against hazards, and are also a practical and aesthetically attractive feature for non-visually impaired persons.

Grip Guard Non Slip stainless steel tactile indicators comply with Occupational Health and Safety, Building Codes and Australian Standards.