Grip Guard Non Slip has developed retrofit polymeric tactiles which are completely seamless and retro fit over any substrate. PolyPad retrofit polymeric tactiles are 600 by 900 millimetres and provide building owners with an effective, simple and secure flooring installation system.

The retrofit polymeric tactiles are so versatile they can be used in any application including residential, retail, commercial and industrial. The tactile floorings are available in nine different colours: ivory, black, grey, storm grey, ocean blue, terracotta, sunset orange, sky blue and yellow.

Grip Guard Non Slip retrofit polymeric tactiles are manufactured from flexible polymeric materials and are dimensionally stable once bonded to concrete, bitumen, timber, pavers and a number of other substrates. Polymeric materials will not craze, discolour or bloom.

The simple rectangular shape and interlocking system makes installation simple and reduces the risk of dirt and moisture seeping between cracks which is common in the Australian climate. The retrofit polymeric tactiles meet Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1428, and comply with the Building Code of Australia.