Grip Guard Non Slip  has non-slip solutions for every floor surface, including:

Hotels: Non slip treatments for bathtubs, showers, swimming pool surrounds, kitchens

Hospitals: Non slip treatments for kitchens, pan rooms, bathrooms, patios, walkways, passages, ambulance areas

Workshops: Non slip treatments for wash bays, assembly lines, change rooms, ablution blocks, canteens

Resorts: Non slip treatments for spa areas, bathrooms, swimming areas, gymnasiums, bathrooms, patios, walkways

Aged Care Facilities: Non slip treatments for outdoor paved areas, verandahs, stairways, kitchens, bathrooms, driveways

Shopping Centres: Non slip treatments for entrances, walkways, footpaths, coffee shops, loading docks, access ramps

Educational Facilities: Anti slip treatments for dining halls, kitchens, walkways, gymnasiums, play areas, verandahs

Industrial Facilities: Anti slip treatments for mines, oil refineries, processing plants, manufacturing plants

Government Facilities: Anti slip treatments for defense facilities, government buildings, car parks, footpaths, airports

Property Management: Anti slip treatments for common areas such as parking facilities, recreation rooms, hallways, footpaths, patios

Restaurants: Anti slip treatments for dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms, cool rooms, footpaths

Office buildings: Anti slip treatments for hallways, canteens, foyers, changes rooms, rest rooms.

Regardless of the substrate, Grip Guard Non Slip has a solution to many slippery floor surfaces. It is essential to ensure that premises are compliant with Australian Standards of slip resistance to avoid the risk of slip and fall injuries and the resulting costly litigation.