Non-slip floor treatment from Grip Guard Non Slip is a revolutionary treatment for slippery floors that microscopically modifies the surface to make the surface slip-resistant without changing its appearance.

Slip and fall accidents caused by wet and slippery floors injure thousands every year. Most floors are relatively slip-resistant when dry but in combination with water becomes a recipe for disaster.

Ceramic, porcelain, stone and concrete floors can all be treated with Grip Guard non slip floor treatments. Outdoor areas that become slippery when wet can also be treated.

Grip Guard is not an anti-slip coating that will wear away over time. Instead, the application permanently modifies the internal pore structure of tile, stone, concrete or other stone-based floors to dramatically reduce the risk of a person aquaplaning across the surface – the major cause of slip and fall accidents.

Anti-slip floor coatings are a temporary solution that can actually exacerbate the slippery condition of wet floors. Coatings rely on an abrasive material, which is broadcast onto the surface of the material to create an anti-slip texture.

Once it wears away, it leaves a non-porous floor surface that is more slippery than it was prior to treatment. Non-slip coatings are also difficult, and therefore expensive to remove. Grip Guard non-slip floor treatment is a long-term floor safety solution as it permanently modifies the internal makeup of the tile or stone floor to create slip resistance.

Grip Guard is available throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin as well as selected regional areas.