Metropolitan Fire Board approached Grip Guard Non Slip for floor safety advice. Tiled floors, when wet, can become slippery. The bathrooms, showers and toilet areas at the head offices in Richmond required a long-term non-slip treatment to ensure the safety of employees.

Prior to treatment, the slip resistance of the floors was tested using an ASM slip meter. The floors were found to lack the necessary anti-slip properties required to ensure pedestrian safety, especially under wet conditions. The surface was given a deep penetrating clean before Grip Guard anti-slip treatment was applied. After treatment, the slip resistance of the floors was measured and found to register SCOF 0.65, considered to be a safe reading.

Grip Guard Non Slip anti-slip treatment is a permanent modification rather than a coating, and the floors could be walked on immediately after treatment causing no interruption to the daily routines at the Metropolitan Fire Board.

The Metropolitan Fire Board received a Grip Guard Non Slip warranty on which the co-efficient of friction (slip resistance) of the floor surface both before and after treatment is recorded. This warranty allows Grip Guard Non Slip’s clients to provide evidence of the floor safety initiatives that have been carried out at their premises. Grip Guard Non Slip provide floor safety advice as well as customised anti-slip initiatives.