Many tile and stone floors lack sufficient slip resistance to make them safe for pedestrians – especially when wet.

It doesn’t take much water to turn a safe floor into a dangerous one. Even a small amount of moisture tracked in from outdoors can lead to a slip and fall accident.

In fact, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common accidents in both the home and the workplace. With the ever-increasing emphasis on safety, it is essential that business owners and managers ensure that floors are safe for both their employees and guests.

Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is not a coating so it won’t wear off and, in most cases won’t need to be re-applied. The treatment does not change the colour or lustre of the tile or stone and, as such, the appearance of the floor is maintained.

Floors treated with Grip Guard anti-slip treatment can be accessed immediately following treatment eliminating any inconvenience.

Grip Guard can be used for both internal and external tiles and stone. From bathrooms, patios and footpaths around the home to factories, foyers, and bathrooms in the workplace – Grip Guard non-slip treatment creates a safer pedestrian environment.