Grip Guard Non Slip  have recently treated the lobby and kitchen area in one of Melbourne’s aged care facilities.

The staff at the facility was aware of the importance of providing a safe environment for their residents and wanted to ensure that they had done everything possible to eliminate the risk posed by slippery floor surfaces.

Grip Guard Non Slip visited the aged care facility in Melbourne and tested the floor surfaces using an ASM slip meter to determine the slip resistance of the areas of concern.

The readings indicated that management was correct in their fears that these areas posed a risk to their residents.

Grip Guard Non Slip treatment was carried out at the facility in the lobby and kitchen area after hours to avoid any disruption for the residents and staff at the facility. The optimum results were achieved through the non-slip treatment.

The appearance of the floor was unchanged. However, slip resistance tests, using the ASM slip meter, showed the significant increase in floor safety achieved by the treatment.

Because Grip Guard non-slip treatment is a floor surface modification rather than a coating, the area could be walked on immediately after treatment and can be cleaned and maintained as per normal.

Non-slip floors are essential for the safety of all pedestrians. However, the aged are at the risk of slip and fall injuries for two significant reasons.

As people age, they become less steady on their feet and the strength of the muscles is reduced. Because of this, this sector of community is much more likely to fall. Secondly, when an aged person does fall, the chance of serious injury is higher than the younger populations.

In fact, the statistics are alarming. The majority of aged population who fall and break their hip will not be alive after one year following their accident.

It is not the actual fall that causes their demise but rather the complications that set it when that person loses their mobility.

It is essential that floor surfaces accessed by the aged are tested periodically to ensure that they have the anti-slip properties necessary to provide a secure pedestrian surface.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators are located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth as well as other major cities and regional areas throughout Australia. Grip Guard Non Slip have recently appointed an operator in New Zealand.