Slip and fall injuries are the number two workplace injury. According to WorkCover, these injuries cost Australians $1.5 billion each and every year.

It is for reasons like this that worker’s compensation premiums are on the increase and skyrocket for any business that experiences a slip and fall injury.

Many of Australia’s major businesses, as well as government departments, have made the wise decision to choose Grip Guard Non Slip’s Floor Safety programme to ensure their floor safety measures comply with Australian Standards.

Using the advanced technology, Grip Guard Non Slip operators are able to accurately measure the slip resistance of floor surfaces in both dry and wet conditions and, when necessary, treat the floor surfaces with the appropriate non slip floor solution to suit the needs of each of their clients.

Grip Guard Floor Safety operators also provide periodic floor safety check-ups to ensure that the slip resistant qualities of the floor surfaces are maintained.

This ensures that businesses are able to provide the safe possible environment for employees as well as the general public.

By adequately attending to floor safety issues, business owners can reduce the risk of injuries on their premises and the resulting litigation that may follow.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators are available throughout Australia including Sydney (NSW), Melbourne (VIC), Brisbane (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), Perth (WA), Adelaide (SA), as well as regional areas throughout the country.