Grip Guard Non Slip’s  anti-slip floor treatment increases the slip resistance of floors without changing the appearance of the floor surface.

Many property owners are aware of the dangers involved in having floor surfaces that do not have adequate slip resistance. The first danger is to pedestrians who may be seriously injured. In fact, WorkCover statistics show that slip and fall injuries are the second most common workplace accident. In the home, it is the young and the aged who are at maximum risk of slip and fall accidents.

There is also the danger of property owners being caught up in costly litigation as a result of slip and fall injuries on their premises. The costs can be staggering but are easily eliminated by preventative measures.

Replacing an existing floor surface is an expensive exercise. Grip Guard anti-slip floor treatment is available at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Unlike floors treated with non-slip coatings, which can wear off, Grip Guard anti-slip treatment remains slip resistant for years.

The longevity of Grip Guard anti-slip treatment is due to the fact that the treatment actually modifies the floor surface microscopically creating surface absorption, which reduces the risk of the foot aquaplaning on the surface.

Grip Guard non-slip treatment is suitable for all stone-based floor surfaces including marble, granite, ceramic/porcelain tiles, aggregate, concrete, terrazzo and more.

Grip Guard Floor Safety operators are trained to measure the slip resistance of floor surfaces (using an ATSM slip meter) to ascertain the degree of risk inherent in existing floor surface. They are then able to provide advice regarding the appropriate non-slip treatment for any type of floor surface.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators are available to provide obligation free demonstrations and quotes throughout Australia in Victoria (Melbourne), New South Wales (Sydney), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth), and Queensland (Brisbane) as well as most cities and regional areas.