According to WorkCover, ‘slip and fall’ injuries are estimated to cost $1.5 billion per annum. There are thousands of workplace incidents every year. ‘Slip and fall’ injuries are the second most prevalent accident in the workplace.

Recently, IGA Stores addressed floor safety issues in their stores in a bid to eliminate slippery floor surfaces that could have been a risk to customers and staff. Grip Guard Non Slip were  chosen to carry out anti-slip works.

Commonwealth worker’s compensation statistics show that slips, trips and falls accounted for 18% of all claims. Approximately 1 in every 100 Common wealth employee is injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall.

Grip Guard Non Slip have provided anti-slip treatment to business owners who have taken steps to ensure the safety of their employees and the public. Grip Guard Non Slip provide a non slip finish to floor surfaces, which offer optimum protection from potential injuries and the litigation that could arise from slip and fall injuries.