Grip Guard Non Slip  offers a full range of floor safety solutions.

Slippery floors are a major hazard for workers and slip and fall injuries resulting from unsafe floors leave business owners and employers at risk of litigation.

Any organisation with premises where there are frequent spillages have a special need to consider the suitability of the flooring in these areas. Where floors regularly become wet, special measures should be taken to ensure they are slip resistant.

Grip Guard Non-Slip provides slip resistant treatments that are suited to each individual floor surfaces including marble, ceramic tiles, concrete, exposed aggregate, porcelain tiles, granite, polished wood, vinyl, rubber, cork etc.

It is important to consider how the surface is used when deciding on the appropriate anti-slip treatment.

The consideration of factors such as traffic flow (pedestrian and vehicular), surface type, contaminants, and maintenance procedures is critical when choosing the most effective slip resistant solution.

Grip Guard Non-Slip operators provide slip resistance testing both prior to and following treatment to ensure that surfaces have the required coefficient of friction (anti-slip properties) to provide a safe pedestrian environment.

An obligation free demonstration is provided to all prospective clients to illustrate the remarkable slip resistant results achieved by Grip Activator - without any visible change to the appearance of the floor surface.

Grip Guard Non-Slip operators offer its services throughout Australia including Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), New South Wales (NSW), South Australia (SA), Australian Capital Territory (ACT), and Tasmania (TAS)