Grip Guard Non Slip , an Australian non-slip provider, is trusted by Australian businesses to address the dangerous issue of slippery floors in the workplace.

As one of the most common and costly workplace accidents, slip and fall injuries are foremost in the minds of those responsible for ensuring that work premises are safe for their employees.

At the recent Safety Show in Melbourne, OH&S officers were excited to find that a practical and long-term solution is available to remedy slippery floor surfaces.

Dangerous floors pose significant slip and fall risks to employees and guests as well as exposing businesses to the possibility of litigation.

Persis Gerrard, Property and Facilities Manager of Foxtel in Melbourne, attended the recent Melbourne Safety show and arranged for Grip Guard Floor Safety to attend the Foxtel premises to inspect Foxtel’s floor surfaces.

Grip Guard treatment was carried out to the areas of concern and Persis Gerrard expressed his satisfaction with the treatment.

“I found out about Grip Guard through the safety show in Melbourne. In light of a critical incident that occurred, the option of implementing the anti-slip treatment was of great benefit to Foxtel and I decided to proceed with the product application,” said Persis Gerrard.

“Since the treatment, there is a marked difference in the level of resistance on a wet floor and risk of slipping on the floor has greatly decreased,” Persis Gerrard said.

“There has been no damage physically or aesthetically to the floor through Grip Guard’s application. If asked about whether I would recommend Grip Guard to anyone else, the answer is definitely yes.”

Grip Guard Floor Safety operators provide obligation free floor safety checks. Operators are available throughout the country including Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland.