Grip Guard Non Slip  provide innovative and up-to-date floor safety solutions.

Regardless of the type of floor surface, Grip Guard operators are able to provide a customised solution to slippery floor surfaces that threaten the safety of homeowners, business owners, government bodies and the general public.

Recently, Grip Guard appointed Marcus Jagan of Guardian Non-Slip Flooring as a distributor in the Sydney area.

Marcus, of Guardian Non-Slip Flooring, has received strong interest from the domestic sector in the Sydney area with homeowners looking for an anti-slip solution for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, laundries, pool surrounds and outdoor paved areas.

Unlike non-slip coatings that wear away over time leaving the floor surface dangerously slippery, Grip Guard non-slip treatment permanently changes the floor surface to create a slip resistant pedestrian surface. Because the change is an internal microscopic change, there is no change to the appearance of the surface.

Recently, a business owner contacted Grip Guard after an employee had slipped and broken her arm when walking onto a shiny marble floor that had become wet.

The business owner had contacted numerous companies who said that they could make the floor non-slip but that the surface would no longer look the same after it was treated. Either the colour or the shine of the surface would be affected.

The business owner had spent a considerable amount of money for the beautiful marble floor but he knew that his employees and customers’ well-being were of paramount importance.

When he contacted Grip Guard to enquire about the non-slip treatments available, he learned that the floor surface could be treated to increase its slip resistance without negatively affecting its appearance.

After requesting an obligation-free demonstration of Grip Guard’s non slip treatment, the proprietor was relieved to have found a solution to his dilemma.

In addition, Grip Guard was able the treat the floor surface after midnight on two separate nights to avoid any disruption to the client’s normal business practice.