Every property owner has the legal responsibility to ensure that no individual suffers from a slip and fall injury on their property due to owner negligence.

However, many property owners are unsure what the Australian Standards are and what steps need to be taken in order to comply with these standards, especially with regards to non slip issues.

By taking advantage of a Grip Guard Non Slip Comprehensive Floor Safety Check, property owners can ensure that their floor surfaces meet Australian Standards so that they are protected against claims of negligence.

Using an ASM slip meter, Grip Guard Non Slip operators are able to accurately measure the slip resistance of floor surface to ensure that they are non slip, even when wet.

Areas such as kitchens, rest rooms, footpaths, driveways, pool surrounds, pathways, cool rooms, hallways - anywhere where underfoot surfaces fail to meet non slip standards - can be treated with Grip Guard Non Slip's unique Tread Activator to ensure that they are non-slip.

Property owners who fail to address their floor safety issues risk litigation, increased insurance premiums and the feeling of responsibility when someone is injured on their property due to their failure to ensure non slip floor surfaces.

Elimination of the causes of slip and fall injuries would result in a significant reduction in the A$3bn annual cost of these injuries as well as reduce the pain and suffering caused by these accidents.