Fordex safety flooring, available from Grip Guard Non Slip , has been designed to provide a secure non-slip surface in areas where grip under foot is paramount to pedestrian safety. The diamond shaped nodule design channels water away thereby reducing any dangerous pooling, which is the major cause of aquaplaning leading to slip and fall injury.

Fordex is a cost effective way of eliminating slips, trips, and falls on different types of surfaces. Fordex is also appropriate for other non-slip applications such as stairways, marine decking, swimming pool surrounds, house boats and other wet areas.

Fordex delivers an R13 anti-slip rating. The combination of specialised polymers in Fordex delivers a high co-efficiency of friction in both wet and dry conditions as well as UV stability and wear resistance.

Fordex has optimum resistance to wear as well as to various chemicals typical to the marine industry such as fuel, grease, chlorine and alt. Fordex also has a built-in fungicide that prevents bacterial growth.

Fordex is available in four attractive colours to meet the aesthetic requirements of most internal and external applications including grey, black, ocean blue and safety yellow.