Grip Guard Non Slip  supplied its anti-slip floor safety treatment to BMW for their offices in Victoria to ensure complete safety for pedestrians.

Slip and fall injuries are the second leading cause of workplace injury and liability claims in Australia. Companies are therefore, increasingly ensuring that their facilities offer a safe working environment for their staff as well as visitors to meet OH&S compliance requirements.

Grip Guard assists companies with advice, products and services to protect workers from the risks of slip and fall accidents.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment was used at the BMW offices in Victoria recently to ensure that the foyer, canteen and showroom were safe for pedestrians accessing these areas.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment is formulated to raise the coefficient of friction (measured slip resistance) to a higher level when wet.

It takes only the smallest amount of water to create a dangerously slippery floor. For instance, tiles that are safe when dry often turn into a highly slippery surface when water is introduced.

Unlike non-slip floor coatings and sealers, Grip Guard non slip floor treatments do not fill the pores of the tiles or stone, instead, microscopically changing the tile to increase wet slip resistance.

Also, floors treated with Grip Guard anti-slip treatment retain their colour and shine, enabling property owners to increase safety without damaging their asset.

Treated floors can be cleaned and maintained as usual without using special cleaning products.

A SafetyClean service from Grip Guard at regular intervals ensures a deep penetrating clean of the floor to eliminate build-up of contaminants in the pores.