Grip Guard  was recently asked to address the floor safety concerns at the Treasury Building in Melbourne. Floors in the foyer areas became quite slippery when wet. Although the areas of concern were inside the building, water tracked inside on pedestrian’s feet or dripped onto the floor by umbrellas, was making the floors a potential slip and fall hazard.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment was applied to increase the slip resistance of the floors in various areas throughout the building and reduce the risk to the employees and visitors.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment is not a coating. It will not wear off the surface with everyday pedestrian traffic. The microscopic floor modification permanently alters floors and endows them with a long-term slip resistance. Unlike floor etches, Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment does not abrade the surface or change its colour or reflectivity.

Slip resistance tests are carried out before and after the anti-slip floor safety treatment has been completed and the coefficient of friction measurements are recorded on the Grip Guard warranty.

Grip Guard operators are available to carry out obligation free floor testing to determine if floor surfaces have adequate anti slip properties required for pedestrian safety.

Grip Guard antislip treatment is available through Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Newcastle, and Brisbane as well as selected regional areas.