Grip Guard Non Slip  have a complete range of floor treatments designed to create safe pedestrian surfaces regardless of the type of floor surface.

The Grip Activator is an ideal non-slip treatment for stone-based floor surfaces such as concrete, ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble, granite, terrazzo and bricks.

The ideal floor treatment raises the co-efficient of friction (slip resistance) of floor surfaces without changing the appearance of the floor surface.

The Grip Activator is not a coating that will wear off and leaving the surface slippery again - it actually modifies the floor surface invisibly to make it slip resistant.

For surfaces where Grip Activator is not suitable such as vinyl, rubber, wood, cork and other soft floor surfaces, Grip Guard Non Slip have a non-slip tape designed to treat these surfaces including:

  • Standard, Coarse and Extra coarse non-slip tapes in a range of colours to match or contrast with the substrate on which it will be applied
  • Hazard stripe non-slip tapes in black/yellow or red/white - for use in danger areas where extra safety warning is required
  • Gritty Clear non-slip tapes - created for more aesthetically sensitive substrates such as wood and marble
  • Fluorescent Yellow Non-Slip Tapes - made from a day-glow anti-slip material for areas that need to be highlighted
  • Cushion Grip Non-Slip Tapes – provide a resilient anti slip surface with many industry wide uses – soft underfoot comfort
  • Aqua-Safe Non-Slip Tapes – ideal for use on fibreglass baths, showers, boats and in food safety areas (available in clear, white, and black)
  • Aluminium Conformable Non-Slip Tapes – ideal for ensuring a non-slip surface on checkaplate or dunbar plate.
  • Bolt Down Anti-Slip Aluminium Plates – suitable for use on grated surfaces where added slip resistance is required.

An ideal choice for ramped areas, Fordex marine grade safety flooring can be adhered to timber, concrete, or other surfaces that require an R-13 (high industry standard) slip resistance. The diamond shaped nodules channel water away from the pedestrian surface, making them safe.

Grip Guard Non Slip’s floor safety solutions are available throughout Australian including Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), and the ACT.