Grip Guard Non Slip release their latest offering, the DuraGrip PU non-slip floor sealant, a revolutionary product that helps prevent floor slippage while simulatenously maintains the original appearance of the floor. 

The floor sealant is made from perfectly round glass beads that, by virtue of their unique shape, do not trap contaminants that may make the floor difficult to keep clean. 

The glass beads are unlike other substances that are typically used in non-slip floor sealants, as they do not attach to mops or other floor cleaning equipment. This contributes to the PU non-slip sealer’s durability as cleaning does not wear the sealer down.

DuraGrip PU Sealant is the ideal floor safety solution for:

  • Vinyl              
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber
  • Epoxy
  •  Timber
DuraGrip PU non-slip sealant creates a safe pedestrian environment along with an attractive floor that is hygienic and easy to maintain.

Floors treated with DuraGrip PU non-slip coating are hard wearing and resistant to scratches and friction, and they can withstand chemicals and plasticisers. 

DuraGrip has been proven to extend the lifetime of floors and it provides a cost effective alternative to completely replacing them. DuraGrip PU non-slip sealant is perfect for use across a wide range of locations including laboratories, food processing areas, schools, hospitals, kitchens, factories and council facilities, among others.