DuraGrip PU floor sealer from Grip Guard is designed to increase the slip resistance of floors so they meet Australian Standards.

Unlike traditional non-slip coatings that rely on gritty material such as silica and sand, DuraGrip utilises a unique slip proof additive that is easy to clean and won’t trap dirt and grime.

DuraGrip PU floor sealer has been used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, and council buildings to create a safer pedestrian environment.

The floor sealer raises both the dry and wet slip resistance making it ideal for areas where water or other liquids may be tracked, spilled, or dripped onto floors.

DuraGrip is the best non-slip coating for floors that require an R10 slip resistance rating – both wet and dry.

Its unique anti-slip component creates a non-abrasive yet highly slip resistant finish on vinyl, timber and epoxy floors.

Additionally, DuraGrip anti-slip floor sealer provides protection from everyday wear and tear due to heavy pedestrian traffic.

The durable floor coating can also rejuvenate existing floors, restoring them to their original condition.

It is essential that property owners ensure their floors are meeting Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.