Grip Guard Non Slip announces that the NCC has prescribed new requirements for stairs in Class 1 buildings that stipulate stair treads must have a specified slip resistant finish.

The previous version of the code simply specified a ‘non-slip finish’ for stair treads without quantification.

The new changes to the NCC require home builders/owners to ensure a slip resistance of at least P3 and, in the case of external stairs, a P4 to the stair tread or the leading edge of the stair tread.

Two alternate methods to meet this requirement:

Full Tread Slip Resistance

DuraGrip PU anti-slip sealer provides a P4 slip resistance to the entire stair tread.

Nosing Strip Slip Resistance

GG Resilient Transparent tape provides a P4 slip resistance to the leading 50mm edge of the stair tread. Alternatively, a compliant aluminium nosing can be either recessed into the stair tread or applied as a retrofit product.

Unlike commercial buildings, Class 1 buildings do not require the nosing to have a luminance contrast to the stair.

Image: Stairs in Class 1 buildings must have stair treads with a specified slip resistant finish