Businesses and homeowners have the responsibility to ensure that their floors meet Australian Standards of slip resistance.

However, this assessment is impossible for most businesses to carry out independently because they lack the knowledge and expertise required.

Grip Guard Non-Slip  has trained floor safety consultants who are trained to measure the slip resistance of floor surfaces and, should they not meet Australian guidelines, provide solutions to ensure that a safe level of slip resistance is achieved.

Grip Guard Non Slip operators have been attending to the floor safety needs of Australians for almost ten years and have gained an enviable reputation built by ensuring that all operators provide expert floor safety advice, the most effective products available and outstanding and friendly service.

All businesses have a legal obligation to ensure that their premises are safe for employees as well as the general public.

By ensuring that all floor surfaces are slip resistant and meet floor safety guidelines, businesses reduce the risk the slip and fall accidents that cost Australians approximately $3 billion dollars each year.