Grip Guard Non Slip  was recently asked to carry out a floor safety site assessment at a CBD government building. Maintenance personnel had reported several instances that could have resulted in slip and fall accidents, and management was keen to address these concern before somebody sustained an injury.

After conducting a site assessment, Grip Guard determined that the foyer was dangerously slippery, caused by the frequent water tracked into the foyer or dripped onto the floor from wet umbrellas. Numerous anti-slip solutions were available to resolve the situation and management opted to fit Grip Guard anti-slip safety tapes to the surface. 

To preserve the aesthetic elements of the foyer, transparent anti-slip safety tapes were chosen to provide a solution that was not visually intrusive.  The anti-slip safety tapes were installed outside of business hours to prevent any disruption to normal business practices.  

Grip Guard provide floor safety assessments to property owners in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. 

Floor safety checks prevent potential hazards for access buildings. 

Anti-slip safety treatments Grip Guard are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Grip Guard anti-slip safety treatments are available throughout Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Adelaide, as well as selected regional areas and New Zealand.