Anti-slip marine grade safety flooring from Grip Guard Non Slip is the ideal solution for floors in wet areas that lack adequate slip resistance. 
Grip Guard anti-slip marine flooring provides optimal anti-slip properties in both wet and dry conditions because of its naturally high frictional properties. The raised studs of the anti-slip flooring allow for water to be channeled away, creating the ideal safety solution for wet areas and thus a safer workplace.

The anti-slip marine grade safety flooring's resistance to most common acids, alkalis, oils and greases make it perfect for areas subjected to chlorine or marine oils.

Supplied in sheets for ease of installation the anti-slip marine grade safety flooring can be installed by trained Grip Guard distributors or installed on a DIY basis.
Grip Guard anti-slip marine grade safety flooring is also more comfortable than traditional flooring because its ‘give’ reduces impact on joints and muscles.  It is also a natural sound dampener creating a quieter environment.

Available in a range of colours to complement any environment, Grip Guard anti-slip marine grade safety flooring is the ideal choice for those looking for quiet, comfortable, anti-slip heavy-duty flooring.

Grip Guard anti-slip marine grade flooring has been chosen by councils throughout Victoria for installation on boat ramp and footbridge application to provide the public with the ultimate in floor safety. 

The anti-slip marine grade safety flooring is ideal for:

  • boats
  • pontoons
  • swim areas
  • ramps
  • wharves
  • external walkways.