Slip and fall injuries caused by slippery floors are a serious issue. They are one of the largest causes of injury in the home and workplace. Preventative measures are effective tool. Ensuring that home and work environments are safe is a good way to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries. Non-slip floor surfaces are an essential part of any prevention plan.

The Grip Guard non-slip treatment, provided by Grip Guard Non Slip , is a safe and long-term solution for slippery floor surfaces. Grip Guard non-slip treatment actually modifies the floor surface making it more slip resistant, especially when wet.

The non-slip treatment does not change the appearance of the floor surface so property owner’s investments are protected. Grip Guard non-slip treatment is not an anti-slip coating; hence it will not wear off leaving pedestrians at risk of slip and fall injuries.

The Grip Guard treatment is suitable for areas where floors become wet and slippery from rain, spillage, or water tracking from foot traffic. Grip Guard non-slip treatment is suitable for hard floor surfaces such as ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble, terrazzo, granite, concrete, and exposed aggregate.

The Grip Guard non-slip treatment is suitable for bathrooms, laundries, patios, kitchens, verandahs, foyers, stairs, driveways, pool areas, footpaths, bathrooms, laundries, factories, restrooms, showrooms, workshops, lobbies, hospitals, aged care, restaurants, schools, swim centres and offices.

Grip Guard Non Slip’s operators are fully trained to provide advice and treatments to ensure that floor surfaces in homes, businesses, and communities are safe for families, employees and visitors.

Grip Guard non-slip floor safety solutions are available throughout Australian including Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), Queensland (QLD), Tasmania (TAS), the ACT and New South Wales (NSW).