Anti slip floor treatment from Grip Guard Non Slip has been installed in airport lounges to maximise the safety of patrons.

Management decided to contact Grip Guard to have slip resistance measurements taken after noticing that some of the areas at the terminal lounges became particularly slippery when wet.

Every day the lounges experience high traffic on its floor surfaces and as a result the frequency of spills and the hazards that result from them was high.

Grip Guard assessed the floors in the lounges and provided a customised floor safety strategy to help increase pedestrian safety. All tiled areas were inspected by a trained representative in order to ascertain the level of danger they presented. Following the safety assessment, a small area was treated and the slip resistance was remeasured to determine the increase achieved by Grip Guard anti slip floor treatment.

Personnel were impressed with the slip resistance provided by the anti slip floor treatment and contracted Grip Guard to attend to all areas that were deemed to require additional slip resistance.

Grip Guard anti slip treatment is ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas because Grip Guard’s anti slip treatment permanently modifies the tile surface, making it safe to walk on for years to come.

Customers can now enjoy a safer pedestrian environment, and the airline can rest assured that they have taken appropriate steps towards maximising floor safety.

Grip Guard non slip floor treatment is available throughout Australia and a full range of anti slip treatments is available for residential, commercial and industrial premises.

All Grip Guard products and services carry a minimum two year warranty.