A leading national and international provider of private health care has selected Grip Guard Non Slip  to help protect employees and patients from slip and fall injuries within their facilities. Grip Guard operators provide up to date and technologically advanced anti slip floor safety treatments.   

Floor surfaces at the health care facilities were tested to establish their slip resistance to determine which areas represented significant risk to pedestrians accessing the premises. A safety report was created for management which included slip resistance measurements obtained using an ASM slip meter, and specific recommendations for improving floor safety to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries.

Grip Guard’s anti slip floor safety treatments were used at the medical facilities to increase slip resistance, therefore making floors safer for pedestrians. The unique anti slip floor treatment does not change the appearance of the floor and floors can be maintained normally.

Unlike anti slip floor coatings, Grip Guard floor safety treatments are not a topical application. These topical applications can wear away with pedestrian traffic, often leaving the floor more slippery and dangerous.

Grip Guard anti slip floor treatment microscopically alters the internal pore structure of the tile or stone, increasing slip resistance in the long term. Additionally, floors retain their shine after the anti slip floor treatment has been carried out protecting the valuable assets of the property owner.

Besides to the works carried out in Melbourne, Grip Guard has been asked to assess additional facilities to help management ensure that their premises are safe to employees and guests, enabling them to meet their duty of care obligations.

Grip Guard operators are available throughout Australia.