Grip Guard  anti-slip floor safety treatment makes floors safer to walk on – particularly when wet. The anti-slip floor safety treatment modifies floors microscopically to increase slip resistance without changing the appearance of the floor surface.

The anti-slip floor safety treatment will not wear away and in most cases, the anti-slip treatment will not need to be repeated.  The slip resistance will last over time if the floor is cleaned and maintained.

Floors can be walked on immediately after Grip Guard anti-slip treatment has been applied, causing little or no disruption to normal business practices.

Grip Guard provides expert advice to help Australian businesses meet their OH&S responsibilities with regards to floor safety. Slippery floors present a real hazard and placing a ‘Slippery When Wet’ sign on dangerous areas simply highlights the fact that property owners are aware of the problem but are not adequately addressing it.

Grip Guard representatives are available throughout Australia to provide obligation free site inspections and quotes as well as a full range of anti-slip floor safety initiatives.