With the globalisation of whitegoods manufacture, and the declining market share of local manufacturers, there is a growing demand for new types of replacement parts, particularly elements for imported whitegoods in the Australian market.

Problem Statement:

In Australia the supply voltage is a nominal 240V, but in many parts of the country it is not uncommon for higher voltages to be experienced.

Many imported appliances come from Europe where the domestic electricity supply has a well developed infrastructure.

Typically the supply voltage is either 220 or 230V. The size of the Australian market does not represent sufficient volume for global manufacturers to re-engineer the product to accommodate the peculiarities of our situation.

Product destined for Australia may have cosmetic changes for the local market, but the components are often the same as those engineered for the much greater European market.

The effect of the higher Australian voltages is that the European elements designed for 220/230V run hotter and subsequently experience a shorter life.

Previous options:

Until now the only option has been to replace the failed element with an identical one from the appliance manufacturer with a potentially similar result.

Now, Grimwood Heating is able to supply Australian made replacement elements for imported whitegoods specifically engineered for Australian conditions.


  • A longer life element results in less customer complaints, reducing the need to go back and replace the element once again, and happier customers
  • The Grimwood range is available nationally from many electrical wholesalers and appliance spare parts stockists
  • Australian designed and made for Australian conditions


The Grimwood Heating On-Line Catalogue lists the range of replacement elements currently available.

The Grimwood website is maintained in real time to update the catalogue as soon as a new product is developed and proven.

The products are listed by the brand they suit, and by the type of element. Often the same design will suit multiple brands. Browsing through the catalogue will assist in identifying a specific need and raise awareness of the huge range of product available from your local Grimwood stockist.

Grimwood elements are available all over the country from several electrical wholesalers and appliance parts resellers.

The on-line catalogue is in printable format so that appliance repairers can print out the pages they need and take them on the job with them. Hard copy versions of the full catalogue or particular sections of interest are also available from your Grimwood Stockist.